THE DAILY GRIND: Toyomu – Real Friends/Diffuse



People will go to great lengths to hear the new Kanye album. Some people will even go as far as remaking the entire album. A Kyoto-based producer did just that and it’s not what you might expect. (audio)


What do you do when the rest of the world has access to Tidal and Kanye West’s newest album and you can’t get it in the country you live in? Well in the case of Kyoto-based producer, Toyomu, you remake the entire album using samples you’ve searched from and put it up on Bandcamp.  I’m not going to even try to describe this one to you; you just have to hear it for yourself.

The entire album, なんとなく、パブロ (roughly translated as “Something Pablo”) can be heard on Toyomu’s bandcamp page or purchased if you so desire.

But it’s not all weird for the Japanese producer; check out this beautiful ambient beat track from a compilation that he’s on called “Diffuse” if you’re looking for something a little less fucked up.


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