THE DAILY GRIND: Quiet Dawn – After Sex (original mix and Sauce81 Remix)


image source: Quietdawn’s Bandcamp

Quiet Dawn takes left of center with this very peculiar but interesting track. Then he lets Japanese producer, Sauce81 make it even more peculiar. Just listen. (audio)


At first, I was going to just post the Sauce81 remix until I decided to dig a little bit deeper and listen to the original track, which is also good in its own right. I’ve always had a fondness for anything quirky or left of center and thankfully, both versions have those characteristics in spades. The original is a slow burner; lurching along at a slow pace with vocal percussion and what I believe sounds like some rapping their fingers on a table or a box over some dissonant, ambient synths. I can get into that but for me, the Sauce81 remix takes it to the next level.

Sauce81 takes those original’s ideas, bumps up the BPM a bit; giving it a bit of a left field disco thump and shuffle, all while adding some fun house-esque synths to complement the mix. It’s all a bit weird but I can dig it.



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