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FVLCRVM proves once again that he’s a force to reckoned with on this track for Pomo’s Tempo Dreams Vol. 4 compilation (audio)


A little while back, I posted a remix Machinedrum remix by FVLCRVM. And maybe shortly after that, I posted a track from Pomo’s upcoming Tempo Dreams Vol. 4 compilation. Well it seems like fate has brought us together again since a new FVLCRVM track showed up said compilation. And like the aforementioned remix, FVLCRVM does not disappoint on this new track. It’s surprising that despite how much is going on in this track that the mix never feels overloaded. There’s a ton of sharp synth pads, skittering percussion, and an overall organic progression to the track that makes it never feel repetitive or just collection of layered loops. Between this and Blue Soda, I’m pretty hyped for this new comp and hopefully, you will be too.

Pomo Presents: Tempo Dreams Vol. 4 is available for preorder now over on Bastard Jazz’s Bandcamp page.


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