WORTH A WATCH: The End Of The Beginning – September 2001 to January 2016 ( Mini-Documentary)


image source: redbullmusicacademy.co.jp

Red Bull Music Academy pays tribute to what was one of Tokyo’s finest clubs (video link below)


Unfortunately, I can’t the RBMA Player to embed here so a link to their website will have to do. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This one is near and dear to my heart. The first New Year countdown party I ever went to since I started living in Japan was at AIR in 2006, with Japanese techno legend Ken Ishii manning the decks for a marathon set that still hasn’t been topped in my mind to this day. So I was definitely saddened to hear that one of the best mid-sized clubs in Tokyo, Air, was closing down at the end of last year. Thankfully the good folks over at Red Bull Music Academy got a few people close to the venue (with one of the Detroit techno fathers and one of my personal favorite DJs, Derrick May) to wax poetic about the club, what it meant  to people, why it worked so well, and what’s to come in the future. Not only does it serve as a great little swan song for the Tokyo club, but it does a good job also giving you some insight into what makes the Tokyo club scene one of the best in the world.



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