THE DAILY GRIND: Carlos Niño – It’s All Happening (feat. Madlib, Jamire Williams and Dexter Story, strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)

Freak out jazz with Carlos Niño, Madlib, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and more! (audio)


Whoa, didn’t see this one coming. It’s been a minute since I’ve heard anything from Carlos Niño but after I saw he was doing some collaborative work with Madlib and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, I had to hear what he had to offer. It definitely has some of skeletal elements of Madlib’s jazzy Yesterday’s New Quintet work, filled in with some cinematic strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and keyboard and extra production from Carlos Niño himself. Never be afraid to revisit an old artist you know; you may never know what he’s got up his sleeve. And this is some truly interesting shit he’s got going on here.

P.S. Love that ambient outro!


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