THE DAILY GRIND: People’s Choice – Here We Go Again (Joey Negro Philly Stomp Mix)


image source: Joey Negro Facebook

Joey Negro gives an old Philly favorite the remix treatment for his next instalment in his disco classic compilation series (audio)


A few years ago, I learned that there was an up and coming movement in the DJ/record collecting community that producers were going after classic masters instead of just obscure records. This meant that producers could completely rearrange tracks to their liking; bringing in and taking out elements, adding extra effects to one specific track, fine tuning the mix etc. (a good example is this amazing DJ Kon dub remix of Staying Alive by The Bee-Gee’s that I’ll post at the bottom of the page).

With that in mind, UK disco/house legend, Joey Negro continues his series of DJ friendly mixes of old classic disco tracks with his newest collection called Remixed With Love Vol.2. He was kind enough to post the majority of tracks on YouTube, but People’s Choice’s Here Go Again has been a favorite song mine for quite some time. Here he gives the break more time to breathe and allow the song more time to build in a more club-friendly style. The results are perfect for a more disco-attuned dance floor.

Remix With Love By Joey Negro Vol. 2 is available now on his own Z Records imprint!

Bonus: Said Kon remix of The Bee Gee’s!


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