THE DAILY GRIND: Suff Daddy – Skies feat. IAMNOBODI w/ free Random Promo EP download


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Suff Daddy takes a slightly different direction with this track from his upcoming LP for Jakarta Records (audio)


Betty Ford Boys member Suff Daddy is arguably the most prolific member of the group, with numerous EPs, LPs, and other assorted projects seemingly being released every year. And 2016 looks to be no different, with a new album coming out on forward-thinking beat music label Jakarta in Spring. Despite no concrete date yet, Suff Daddy has given us a preview of what to expect with not only this excellent collaboration with IAMNOBODI, but a free 7 track EP download as well! The stuff I’ve heard so far is unmistakably Suff Daddy; still containing his signature warm synths along with his love of hazy wooziness, but at the same time it has slightly different feel for him, with more beat change ups and a few different textures from what he normally does.

Check out the track above and make sure to grab the Random Promo EP for free here!


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