RECENT PICKUPS: NxWorries (Anderson Paak & Knxwledge) – Link Up & Suede EP


A little NxWorries taster before the main course later this year (audio/music videos)


To be honest, when I first heard Suede last year, I wasn’t immediately enamoured with it. Something about his whole player shtick just didn’t do anything for me, and Knxwledge’s slow-motion sample of Gil-Scott Herron’s classic, The Bottle also just felt really “meh” to me upon first listen. Yet, as I sit here and type this I say unquestionably that this EP is one of my favorite releases from Stones Throw in ages, and the LP that’s coming this year is probably my most anticipated album of the year at the moment.

I think its lack of immediacy for me is what made me like this duo even more. After I fell in love with this new school player anthem (Suede), I eventually moved onto Link Up. Again, like with Suede, I didn’t really care for it that much at first. Now, I love it (I’m typing this in complete silence and it’s looping over and over in my head)!  It helps Anderson Paak’s singing/rapping style is not only unique, but it also has a certain charm to it. Despite his boastfulness on these two songs, he comes off as genuine, as there’s definitely a feeling there is some legitimacy to what he’s singing about.

While I love Anderson Paak’s presence on these songs, it should also be noted that it’s also Knxwledge’s production on this album that helps elevate this songs as well. Again, like my feelings toward Paak in the beginning, I wasn’t completely sold on his production originally and quite honestly, I still really haven’t gone out of my way to grab anything from his solo releases yet. But I will say I like what he’s done here, and the interlude tracks work really well as a way of setting up the two titular tracks of the album. Suede is an instant attention grabber (just because it didn’t do anything for me at first doesn’t mean it’s not true for others). Link Up is a beautiful piece of filtered funk. Droogs is kind of interesting too, as it is apparently a remake of an old Anderson Paak track (dig the vocoded vocals and the old school 80’s boogie vibe).

All and all it’s a complete little package, that serves as a perfect appetizer before the album drops in 2016. Grab it while you can cause the vinyl is selling out like crazy.


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