COVER2COVER: Frank Cunimondo Trio & Lynn Marino – Feelin’ Good


…and another one from Jet Set Records in Tokyo.

Another round of COVER2COVER. Tonight’s match up: Nina Simone vs. Frank Cunimondo Trio! (audio)


I originally was gonna file this one under Recent Pickups until I realised that it was a cover right as I was about to post it.


Here’s a case of two covers that couldn’t be anymore different from each other. The original, a Nina Simone belter (whose music I am not well versed in at all. A crime of the highest order for sure), and this cover by Frank Cunimondo Trio featuring Lynn Marino, which is uptempo, jazz dance number. Despite their differences though, both are undoubtedly excellent songs that will compliment whatever mood you’re in. Point goes to the original if not just for its sheer raw emotional energy, but the Frank Cunimondo cover is fantastic reinterpretation nonetheless. You should probably check both out regardless.


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