THE DAILY GRIND: Leon Vynehall – Kiburu’s


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Leon Vynehall ducks coventions and still manages to make an absolute banger of a track with Kiburu’s! (audio)


I generally turn to gravitate towards things that are familiar but have an interesting twist to them. Take for example Leon Vynehall’s latest track, Kiburu’s. It’s unmistakably a house track, but it’s unconventional in pretty much every other facet. First off, those hi-hats are incredible; crispy and full of life. The track also deviates from convention further by avoiding the whole intro/drop/bridge/drop again/outro. Instead it organically shifts and changes, taking you on a musical ride for it’s nearly 9 minute duration.

Simply put: this is one of the best, most refreshing house tracks I’ve heard in ages.


One thought on “THE DAILY GRIND: Leon Vynehall – Kiburu’s

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