(Dilla Month) PLAYING FAVORITES: Janet Jackson – Got Til It’s Gone ( Ummah Jay Dee’s Revenge Remix)


image source: s.wat.tv

“Joni Mitchell never lies…” (audio/video)


I’m not gonna make any claims of being a Janet Jackson fan, but I absolutely love this song. I never would’ve guessed that the pairing of the most famous Jackson sister, Q-Tip, and J Dilla would make for an R&B classic. Not only do Janet and Tip bring their A-game, but Dilla does what seems like the impossible and manages to turn a Joni Mitchell song into something unmistakably hip-hop. I remember reading somewhere however that there was a bit of controversy surrounding this track, as Janet Jackson got the producer credit and J Dilla didn’t, hence the title of the remix. But with all of the 90’s Dilla trademarks present in the track, there no way anyone would mistake this sound for anyone other than the great Jay Dee.

Bonus: Here’s the original as well, so you can compare for yourself.



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