(Dilla Month) PLAYING FAVORITES: Raekwon – 10 Bricks Feat. Cappadonna and Ghostface Killah


image source: http://www.amazon.com

Things go better with Wu-Tang and Dilla (audio)


So originally I was going to post the Macy Gray “I Try” remix (which is worth listening to if you can find the instrumental, but so far as I know the only place you can is from the opening of the Thank You Jay Dee mix). But one more round with Macy Gray’s irritating earnest voice is just too much to bear. So here’s some J Dilla/Wu-Tang action instead.

A deep cut buried toward the end of the underrated Only Built 4 Cuban Lynx Pt. 2, it’s hard raps against an equally hard beat. While Raekwon, Cappadonna, and Ghost spit great verses, (Ghost being the highlight, but that’s just personal preference), it’s Dilla who’s really in top form here. The beat features a lot of the choppy sounds and ideas of Donuts, just with no vocals. And it also has this ridiculous ringing, angular guitar loop that would sound irritating in the hands of a lesser producer but Dilla manages to make it work; punctuating each drum hit.

There are two other Dilla-produced tracks on the album, House Of Flying Daggers and Ason Jones, but for me, this is clearly the winner of the three. One listen and I think you’ll understand why.



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