(Dilla Month) Playing Favorites: DJ Cam – Love Junkie feat. Cameo and J Dilla (J Dilla Remix)


Cameo, DJ Cam, and Dilla get funky! Like real, funky! (audio)


As Dilla Month starts winding down, let’s start focusing more on some his excellent remixes. This time, we head to Europe with French hip-hop (or trip-hop if you will) DJ/Producer, DJ Cam. For the original, DJ Cam gives us a solid piece of laid-back, jazzy, coffee shop soul with Cameo providing the vocal flavor. The Dilla remix takes it in a completely different direction; stripping the original down to it’s bare bones, adding his unique drum and sampling sensibility that gives the song more edge and a healthy helping of funk. Both songs are good in their own right, but definitely decision goes to the Dilla remix this round.

Bonus: Also worth noting on the 12″ is the b-side track, Bounce, which the title pretty much says it all, and features a few samples from J Dilla tracks.


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