THE DAILY GRIND: Kneedelus (Daedelus + Kneebody) – Drum Battle

Electronic music wizard Daedelus, and off-kilter jazz band, Kneebody pull off the ever tricky live meets electronic music feat with flying colors with this performance for Vice Magazine! (video below)


And the daily grind continues. Thanks to a week off (though Dilla Week has now official changed into Dilla Month, continuing until the end of February!), there’s no shortage of stuff to talk about.

Kicking off the return of my daily posts, how collaboration between electronic music wizard Daedelus and off-kilter jazz band, Kneebody? I’m always intrigued by live/electronic music collabs and these guys pull it off swimmingly. Daedelus works his custom-made controller/sequencer, the monome, and Kneebody fills in the rest with some amazing, drum work, woozy, trippy horns with a Bitches Brew-era jazz-fusion bent. The results are exciting and spellbinding.

More evidence that Brainfeeder continues to show why they are one of the most exciting record labels around right now!


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