(Dilla Week) WORTH A LISTEN: J Dilla Tribute DJ Mixes [updated]


More J Dilla tribute mixes while I contemplate whether or not to turn Dilla Week into Dilla Month (audio stream/download below)


So while I’m still deciding if I want to extend my tribute to the late, great J Dilla to the end of the month, here are some worthwhile DJ mixes I dug up that I think I worth your time.

Thank You Jay Dee Acts 1 – 4 – Mixed by J Rocc

Yeah I know, I already posted Act 1 but never mentioned 2 through 4 (they’re all solid, naturally). Thankfully someone on Soundcloud was kind enough to make a playlist of all 4 plus the most recent tribute mix done by J Rocc. Some of the tracks do carry over from mix to mix but the vibe of acts 1 and 2 are very different from acts 3 and 4 (1 and 2 being more of a musical overview of Dilla’s career while 3 and 4 are much more technical in their presentation). All of them are worth a listen though.


King Kames Version – Mixed By House Shoes

House Shoes appears once again. This time, he lovingly crafts a mix using the original samples that Dilla used throughout his career. Absolutely worth a listen because even with the original samples laid out for you, because of Dilla’s sampling method, it isn’t always easy to figure out which song goes with which beat.

Actually it’s a dope mix to begin with, so you should listen to it anyways.


Soulection Radio Show #254 (Dilla Tribute)

I only got a chance to give this a once over, but Soulection is always spot on so I figured I could trust this mix. The cursory listen that I did give it gave me the impression that the mix focuses more on Dilla’s more soul stuff, with little bits of hip-hop thrown in.


The World Famous Beat Junkies Present Soundcheck Episode 24 J Dilla Tribute

If anyone knows Dilla as well as House Shoes, it’s definitely The Beat Junkies (DJ Rhettmatic said that during a digging trip in Japan, he discovered a copy of Slum Village, loved it, and handed it out to all the other Beat Junkies when he got back). 3 hours of Dilla conversation and music with some of finest DJs in the biz (including my personal favorite DJ, and one time DJ for Dilla and Madlib, J Rocc).

SKOR72 Sunday Sessions No. 288 w/ Raminski (Dilla Tribute)

And I’ll end it here. Once again, House Shoes’s influence brought this DJ/graf writer to my attention with his always on point Sunday Session mix show. Usually only a half a hour in length, this time he fills the show out to an hour with a little help from a friend Raminski, and gives us a fantastic DJ mix highlighting some Dilla’s finest work.




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