(Dilla Week) WORTH A LISTEN: Donuts Dissected


Image Source: Boiler Room

Boiler Room offers a heartfelt look at his entire career, and tries to unearth more answers from J Dilla’s final album released while he was still alive. (audio stream/download below)


Boiler Room, you’ve really outdone yourself with this one…

Raj Chaudhuri, head of music over at Boiler Room, puts not only Donuts under the microscope, including all the hidden messages (for those who don’t know, it’s widely believed that Dilla hinted at that he knew he was dying through the samples and song titles on the album) but his entire career. It offers a fantastic cross-section of his early, most widely known career, his harder, more underground sound of the early 2000s and finally stopping at Donuts for the final half of the show/presentation. This is highly recommended for hardcore Dilla heads and newbies alike.

Oh, and get the tissues. You might well up a bit.


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