(Dilla Week) WORTH A WATCH: Bling 47 Breaks Dilla Edition Video Series



image source: Bling 47 Facebook Page

From 2012 to 2013, friend of J Dilla, Waajeed put up a video a week diving into the mind of a genius! Definitely worth a watch! (video below)


About three years ago, close friend of J Dilla, Waajeed, released weekly series of little interviews with friends and admirers, talking about their favorite samples in Dilla’s catalogue. For that year, it was the highlight of my week, as each interviewer brought their own insights, perspectives with the super producer. While I highly recommend watching the entire YouTube playlist, some of my personal favorites are House Shoes talking about a Ringo Starr sample flip (In The Streets), DJ Spinna’s priceless reaction to getting beat to the punch on a George Duke sample (Thelonious), and Rich Medina on discovering where the drums came from on the controversial Fuck The Police track. Also it should be said that some of these interviews are so damn entertaining.

A shout out has to go to Wajeed AKA Jeedo for this series of videos as it changed my entire world when it came to sampling, Jay Dee, and the way he impacted people’s lives.

Also, sorry if I missed anyone when I was tagging this video…


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