THE DAILY GRIND: Solid Steel Radio Show Hour 1 – Autechre Mix


Image Source: Solid Steel Facebook Page

Legendary, Electronic duo turn in a left-field mix for the always unpredictable Solid Steel Radio (audio/download stream below)


It’s occasionally easy to forget, for me anyways, that Autechre are actual human beings and not some duo of self-aware music making robots or creatures from another planet trying to communicate with us. Thankfully reminders such as this excellent as usual mix on the Solid Steel podcast, help remind me of this fact. The legendary electronic duo have made an uneasy but intriguing mix of early industrial, soundtracks, modern classical and more. Listening to it, you really get a sense of where their minds are and what music has influenced them throughout the years. Just be forewarned, this mix is not for the faint of heart.


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