THE DAILY GRIND: Ify Jerry Crusade – Everybody Likes Something Good (from the forthcoming Now-Again Records compilation: Wake Up You! Vol.1)


image source:

Reissue label, Now-Again Records continues to explore African psyche-rock and funk with this first track from their upcoming compilation and book. (audio stream below)


Now-Again Records, the label owned and operated by Stones Throw general manager and insane record collector, Egon, is putting out not one, but two compilations documenting the rise of the Nigerian psyche-rock scene that was born out of their 1967 civil war. When it comes to reissues, no one does it better. Not only is their selection top notch, they are always thoroughly researched and this compilation looks like no exception. Check out the 100 page books that are set to accompany these compilations. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited!


Companion book. Image Source:

Check out rappcats or the Now-Again sites for more details!



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