PLAYING FAVORITES: DJ Mz Rizk – Tall Black Guy Mix


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Get to know one of the finest Detroit beatmakers around with this fantastic mix from DJ Mz Rizk! (audio link below)


I only found out about this mix late last year but it’s definitely still worth talking about. Aside from Max Graef and Floating Points, Sir Tall Black Guy was one of my favorite discoveries of last year. A Detroit-based beatmaker, he has risen through the ranks to become one of the best producers around thanks his uncanny ability to “flip” (there’s that word again) familiar songs and completely turn them on their head. Unfortunately, his tracks have become increasingly harder to find on vinyl around Japan so this mix, curtesy of DJ Mz Rizk, is an absolute godsend! The mix, both expertly put together and paced, serves as an excellent introduction to some of this talented beatmaker’s best work!

Make sure to check out his Soundcloud page too if you’re interested in listening to some of these tracks unmixed! And here’s hoping for some new vinyl coming to Japan soon!


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