THE DAILY GRIND: Resident Advisor Podcast #500 – Ben UFO


image source: resident advisor

Ben UFO turns in an typically awesome mix for electronic music website, Resident Advisor to help them celebrate 500 podcast episodes! (audio stream/download below)


Resident Advisor is pretty much my go-to website for all things techno and house related (well, mostly techno anyway). One name that comes up a lot on the site is one Ben UFO, who has over the last few years ranked amongst their Top 10 DJs. Having finally gotten around to listening to one of his DJ sets from Osaka last year (which as a bonus, I’ll link that one here), it’s easy to hear why. Simply put: the man is the master of pacing.

His name came up on the list of DJs for RA’s 500th podcast extravaganza and that was the first one I dove into. Although it’s bit of a slow burn for a techno mix, as taking some time to get started, it’s definitely pays off the longer you listen to it over its 2 hour duration.

Download MP3(right click & save): RA Podcast 500 – Ben UFO


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