In Case You Missed It… (November 15th, 2015)

Late again… Luckily I’ve got no shortage of music to share so hopefully it’ll keep you busy until I’m inevitably late for the next one of these posts.

First up: DJ mixes. Recently I’ve been mostly listening to DJ mixes and radio shows these days. Here are some of the best:

Soulection Radio Show #231 w/ Dam-Funk

Image via

Image via

Soulection Radio can be a bit hit-n-miss with me, sometimes going a bit overboard with the trap for my tastes, but this episode is absolutely spot on. Dam-Funk a.k.a. “The Ambassador Of Modern-Funk” has a great guest DJ set, but also gives a great interview as well. Joe Kay spins an equally quality set of neo-soul, new dance, and of course, trap (but not as much this time).

The Best Of El-P (According to DJ Elwood)

Image via

Image via

I’ve been waiting to post this one for awhile. DJ Elwood, as the title would imply, handpicked of his forty favorite El-P-produced tracks. The mix does a great job of going through El-P’s early career and slowly working it’s way to his more recent tracks, all while showing how the legendary producer/rapper (and personal favorite of mine)’s music has evolved throughout the years.

Just Blaze/Tall Black Guy Productions Boiler Room Sets

Image via

Image via

I love Boiler Room. Even with all of its imperfections (i.e. stiff crowds and the signature sound difficulties), you still continue to get some of the best artists in the game now. Though it was actually a four member DJ event (I haven’t gotten around to listening to Roy Davis Jr. or Eric Lau’s sets yet), the real standouts have been an excellent genre-spanning set from Just Blaze and a great live set from severely underrated, Detroit-based producer, Tall Black Guy.

Editors Cafe Live Mix by DJ Haru

(No image, sorry)

And last up, a mix by a friend of mine, Haru-Kun. Editors Cafe is a local business in Niigata (where I currently live in Japan) and there’s small community of DJs who live and breath Japanese rare groove (think Japanese Bobby Caldwell and Boz Scaggs) and DJ Haru is probably among the most knowledgeable. Check out this mix if you have an interest in funky Japanese music.

Cool Uncle (Bobby Caldwell and Jack Splash) feat. Mayer Hawthrone – Game Over

Image via

Image via

Speaking of Bobby Caldwell, apparently he has a new project out yet appropriately titled Cool Uncle. Check out this awesome throwback track with Mayer Hawthorne, who just can’t seem to do anything wrong these days. Absolutely superb mellow soul!

Freddie Gibbs – Fuckin Up The Count (Video)

Image Via Consequence of Sound

Image Via Consequence of Sound

Freddie Gibbs can be a bit polarising; he does tend to lay on the thug/gansta shtick a little thick. But you can’t deny the man has charisma and he does tend to do it with a bit more authenticity then a lot of other rappers out there. It helps to that, despite me usually loathing trap, this dark, sinister, beat really serves him well here. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone told me they didn’t like this one.

Rare Guatemalan Synth Marimba Funk Disco Version Michael Jackson – Thriller

Image Via

Image Via

Lastly, let’s end on a weird note. If you didn’t know already, I love me some covers (listen to my DJ mix here!) and after stumbling across this on the always excellent EgoTrip (check their website for daily posts here), I had to post it here. Just listen!

That’s all for now. Expect a few new reviews coming soon as well me hopefully trying to stay on some regular schedule for these posts. Thanks for listening!


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