SAMPLED! Billy (Sugar Billy) Garner – I Got Some Pt. 1 (1971)

Listen to the song here!

Probably the funkiest song you'll ever hear about "getting some"...

Probably the funkiest song you’ll ever hear about “getting some”…

When I originally imagined doing this “Sampled!” segment on the blog, my original idea was to talk about full length albums and deciding if one famous sample would make an entire (generally expensive) album worth buying. But after recently stumping a friend of mine, one who is far more knowledgeable in this kind of thing than I am, with this one track, I decided it was a good chance to scrap that idea and focus on the specific track instead. The track in question: I Got Some,  by “Sugar Billy” Garner.

I first learned about this absolute stomper of a funk track from the now legendary Freeze documentary/DJ mix/live performance (which you can watch its entirety here on YouTube). Late in the performance, the song begins to play out but not in the way the audience expects; it starts skip, forming a perfect loop. The crowd, rightfully so, begins to lose their collective mind.

Back in the early days of hip-hop, when digital sampling was still in its infant stages, sampling time was limited. This meant that producers had to make the most of what little time that was afforded to them (which usually wasn’t more than a few seconds), and use only the funkiest part of a song that they wanted to sample. In the 90’s, DJ Premier was the king of this, and nowhere is the more perfectly exemplified than his dirt simple but absolutely amazing, B.Y.S. (or Bust Your Shit) for his group, Gang Starr. It’s a simple one bar loop. But it’s THE one bar loop!

The reissue.

The reissue.

As far as the original track is concerned, it’s every funk diggers wet dream: organ blasts, dancing piano, James Brown-esqe shouting, and some of the chunkiest drums imaginable! Definitely worth seeking out the reissue if you can find it (the original, from what I’ve seen, will cost you upwards of three to five dollars).

Simplicity isn’t always a bad thing…


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