Late To The Party: Mura Masa – Someday, Somewhere EP

Check out Mura Masa’s soundcloud to listen to the album in its entirety!

Just short of greatness but never the less worth a listen!

Just short of greatness but never the less worth a listen!

…and now for something completely different: music that wasn’t released 40 years ago!

I first became aware of 19 year old U.K. beat maker/producer, Mura Masa through a label compilation called Winter In Jakarta and immediately I was smitten with his distinctive style of beat making. So when I saw that he released an EP this year and heard the track, Lovesick Fuck via future music YouTube channel, Majestic Casual (check them out for yourselves here), I decided to pick this up.

Right off the bat, I want to say this EP is criminally short. Clocking in at around 20 minutes, it’s all over way too soon. Also given the brevity of the tracks on here, all mostly around 3 minutes each, most of them feel like they finish before they have a chance to really establish themselves (this is especially true the first song, Are U There, which is over just way too song). And this is just my personal tastes, Low and Your Bones don’t do anything for me at all.

Personal preferences aside however, there’s a lot I like about this EP, too. First off, I love the overall emotive feel that permeates throughout the EP’s brief run time. It’s not very common in beat-oriented music and it’s even harder to pull off without coming across as overly emo. Mura Masa strikes the right balance, giving the each track the right amount of emotional depth. It must also be said that the production on here is super detailed and loose, most notably on my favorite track, Lovesick Fuck. Other highlights include the bouncy, vocal-led Firefly, the uptempo, almost house-y Terrible Love, and the concluding track, When U Need Me, which seems to end everything on a more uplifting note

It’s definitely refreshing to hear someone doing something different in the sometimes stagnant (not always, though) beat scene. And if anything, this EP works as a great sampler for what he has in store next (he does have a full-length out called, Sountrack To A Death, which I am definitely gonna pick up after hearing this). An artist to watch out for in the future for sure.

Track list:

1) Are U There

2) Firefly ft. Nao

3) Terrible Love ft. Denai Moore

4) Your Bones (Intermission)

5) Low ft. Jay Prince

6) Lovesick Fuck

7) When U Need Me


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