In Case You Missed It… (October 18th, 2015)

More selections from my Facebook page. So much ground to cover, so lets get into it!

First up, a couple of DJ videos for the scratch head in all of us. As someone who DJs but can’t scratch to save his life, I’ve long since been an admirer of anyone who can do it well. And to the detractors of this under appreciated skill set, I present you two examples of some highly skilled scratch DJing.

Red Bull Thre3style Tokyo – 40 Scratch Circle

Via Red Bull Thre3style Website

Via Red Bull Thre3style Website

Exhibit A comes from Red Bull Music Academy’s Th and their mind blowing 40 DJ scratch session. Watch as different generations, nationalities, and styles come together as one for a once in a lifetime session.

Vekked – DMC World Championship Winning Set 2015

Via Vekked's Facebook page

Via Vekked’s Facebook page

Exhibit B comes from DJ, Vekked’s DMC winning set, a breath of fresh air compared when compared to recent years. Vekked’s style is undoubtedly technical but his sense of musicality definitely puts him above his peers.

Oddisee & Good Company – The Goings On (Live Session)

Source unknown

Source unknown

Next up, lets make it silky. Earlier this year, underground rapper  Oddisee and a bunch of skilled musicians did a live version of one his songs and the results are so chilled and soulful, it can’t be denied. Also love the restrained, buttery drums on this version.

Tuxedo – The Right Time (Kaytranada Remix) Music Video


source unknown

80’s boogie funk revivalists, Tuxedo, made up of singer Mayer Hawthorne and hip-hop producer Jake One, released a claymation video from their remix project with Canadian producer, Kaytranada, for the song, the right time.

Floating Points Interview w/ Fact Magazine



And finally, one of my favorite underground music sources, Fact Magazine, did a fantastic interview with the always intriguing Floating Points. With his new album on the horizon, this interview delves into his musical influences, preferences when it comes to making music, and his record collecting habits. I’m super excited for a full-length album from the producer of one of my favorite house tracks from last year.

Tune in next time for more selections and please let me know what you think of any of these in the comment section. Until next time…


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