In Case You Missed It…(October 4th, 2015)

So I’ve got a Facebook page (follow me here for almost daily updates) where I’m constantly posted links to songs I’m feeling at the moment. But after awhile I started to realize that that page reaches a different from this one so in case you’re not following me on that page, you can catch up on some things that have caught my ear:

Blended Babies – Make It Work ft. Anderson Paak & Asher Roth

Image Via Okayplayer

Image Via Okayplayer

The jury is still out on whether or not I like Anderson Paak’s style but he absolutely slays his chorus/verse on this woozy love song by Blended Babies (Asher Roth does alright, but still not a fan of his style).

Brenk Sinatra – Wait 4 The Day

Image Via Brenk Sinatra's Facebook page

Image Via Brenk Sinatra’s Facebook page

Brenk Sinatra continues to show why he’s one of the best beat makers at the moment on this late-night sounding track from his new album.

Stevie Wonder – I Couldn’t Help It (Live In Studio)


Going back to the past, listen to demo version of a song that would eventually be a MJ classic.

Mr. Ties Boiler Room X Dekmantel DJ set

Image Via

Image Via

Rounding out this week’s selections comes from underground party curators, Boiler Room, and up-and-comer Mr. Ties, with one of the best DJ sets I’ve heard in a long time. A journey through slow-mo house and disco and a lot of records being played at the wrong speed to great effect.

BONUS: NPR Microphone Check – Nas Interview

Image Via Nas's Facebook Page

Image Via Nas’s Facebook Page

One of the greatest to ever do it, rapper Nas details every about the history of his come-up, his reading habits, and mentoring the younger generation about hip-hop and life in an excellent conversation with NPR.


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