COVER2COVER: Lord Echo – Thinking of You (2010)

This song to me, represents a perfect cover. A perfect cover respects its source material enough to pay homage to it but at the same time reinterprets it enough to make its own.

The original

The original

(Listen to the original Sister Sledge song here)

Everyone is familiar with Sister Sledge in someway shape or form but I wonder how many people are familiar with this song. A quick look on wikipedia shows that by the time of release of this song, Sister Sledge had begun to slip off of the sales chart (though having some mild success in the UK and Europe). So the song might have been a cult hit but never really achieved any mainstream success. As far as the song itself goes, it’s another slice of shimmery, funky disco that you would expect from Nile Rodgers and Co. The sort of sound that permeates throughout the Daft Punk album from two years ago.

The Cover

The Cover

(Listen to the Lord Echo version here!)

So rather than just making another disco cut, Lord Echo, went a completely different route and made it a reggae song, with a disco-y bounce. In fact, it’s practically a note for note recreation of the song, down to the instrumentation, arrangement and vocals. But slowing down the tempo, adding in a healthy amount of echo (natch), and some post-production effects, has made it into something completely fresh! This is simply some straight-up, feel good music that is guaranteed to brighten your day no matter what mood you’re in.

Also, the rest of the album’s pretty good too.



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