PLAYING FAVORITES: Jake Wade and The Soul Searchers – Searching For Soul Pt. 1 & 2

Listen to the song here!

Sorry for my absence. Unfortunately life got in the way and I haven’t posted anything in a long while. But I’m back and feeling rejuvenated! And to kick off my return after my long absence, how about slice of ultra-funky soul?

Highly recommended funk compilation

Highly recommended funk compilation

Other than the fact I know the song was released on a small Michigan-based record called Mutt, I know very little about Jake Wade & The Soul Searchers to be honest. I first heard this track in a bonus feature from the incredible DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist’s Product Placement DVD, with DJ Shortcut “rocking doubles” of this track (for the uninitiated, “rocking doubles” is where a DJ takes two copies of the same record and manually loops different parts of the same song, essentially “remixing” it on the fly). Later on, this song popped up again when I picked up the excellent Strange Beats & Mr. Thing II  compilation, where it has become favorite of mine ever since.


As far as the actual content of Searching For Soul Pt. 1 & 2 is concerned, this is the kind of track that makes a funk collector like myself foam at the mouth. Sure it’s got a great bass line, some super-funky angular guitar bits and punchy-as-hell horns but that’s hardly the main attraction here. No, what truly makes this a mouthwatering little funk morsel are the drums. Starting on the off beat with a hi-hat smash, the drums continue to crack onward throughout the song, rolling along the as if they were pushed down a hill. Another noteworthy point about the the drums are the way they swing and shuffle; a trait that is usually only present in New Orleans funk (listen to early Meters for example). Drum breaks are generally the bread and butter of a funk collector and you’d be hard pressed to find a better slice of funk then this.

So, hopefully after this, I can get back to a regular posting schedule. I’m back-logged on a few posts so there is definitely more content coming.

Definitely stay tuned and stay funky!


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