METHOD TO THE MADNESS: Lazy Sunday Vol. 9 – Mellow Madness [In A Mellow Mood Pt. 2]


My New DJ Mix

Please note: If you’re coming here from MixCloud, the full track list is posted at the bottom. However, you could stay and read the rest of post. Thanks! If you’re starting from here, my mix can be found on Mixcloud here!

So I know it’s been awhile since my last post. However, I’ve had a good excuse; I was working on a new DJ mix. For some, putting together a DJ mix is easy. For me however, it is a long and arduous process, though often very rewarding once it’s all said and done.

While I’ve been doing DJ mixes for awhile (please check out my Mixcloud for all my previous work), I’ve never really had a platform to go into any depth about the process and the mentality that goes into every track on my mixes. So for this next Raw Select Music post, I thought it might be interesting to some give a play-by-play, track-by-track, insight. With that in mind, welcome to the ninth instalment of my ongoing DJ mix series, Lazy Sunday Vol. 9: Mellow Madness!

This mix is a collection of several ideas that I’ve had over the past year. A million or so false starts, shelving the mix, coming back to it, and shelving it again had led me to believe that this mix would never get finished. But since the next instalment of my DJ party under the same name is nearly here, and I always do a mix for every Lazy Sunday event, I needed something quick. Thankfully, I managed to get this one done with considerably less headache than usual and was able to get this mix done faster than nearly any mix I’ve ever done (as the usual the turnover rate for my mixes these days seems like once every planetary alignment).

So what’s actually on the mix? It’s all in the title, actually. In A Mellow Mood Pt. 2 is the sequel to a mix I did for a friend of mine about two years ago (which you can check out here!). The main difference being that the previous mix had a larger focus on older R&B/rare groove-kinda stuff. This one, while still littered with tracks like that, has a larger amount of newer songs. The general theme is soul music, from all types, eras, and feels. There’s a few hip-hop tracks sandwiched in there for good measure as well but soul is definitely what I was after. I know that’s still a little vague, so I’ll let the music do the talking. With all that in mind, here is a track-by-track breakdown (with pictures!).

Also, please note: This mix was done entirely on vinyl. All the photos below are from my personal record collection. No MP3s were used in the making of this mix.

The track list:

1) Black Fur – When We Get Together Soon (1976)


Starting things off on a slower tip, the whole reason behind this selection other than liking the melody a whole lot is the intro that says, “Well, it’s really been a long time.”, which is largely taking a jab at myself for how long it takes me put out a new mix.

2) A Taste of Honey – Let’s Begin (1979)


More often, during the song selection phase of putting a mix together, there’s a stand out song that just screams, “This song needs to go here!” This one was not one of them. Honestly, I’m still not sure how this song ended up getting on here aside from the fact that when I was in the initial stages of creating this mix, it just fit. Can’t argue with that, I guess.

3) Family Connection – This Time (1971) 4)Betty Ford Boys – Snow Soul (2013)

IMG_1169 IMG_1174

These two I put together in the same section for a very good reason. Listen to the mix and it’s pretty obvious why I put them back to back.

5) Curtis Mayfield – Hard Times (1975)


More often than not, a song will inspire me to put a new mix together. While this song didn’t do that, I did really want to include it on a mix at some point. Since I have a “no reusing of songs on mixes” policy, I waited patiently until I was ready to put this mix together. I’m glad I did because the way it rides that piano ending to Snow Soul just sounds so good every time I rerecorded this mix (note: I’ve rerecorded this mix, ALOT!).

6) Darando – I Don’t Want To Leave (Tall Black Guy Remix) (2013)


I came up on this song by accident. Searching around YouTube for Darando’s “Didn’t I”, I stumbled across this Tall Black Guy re-edit. In the past, for one reason or another, I wasn’t really feeling his productions but I decided to give this one a shot. I’m so sorry T.B.G. for doubting you. You are now forever on my radar.

7) Robert Glasper Experiment – Calls ft. Jill Scott Pharoahe Monch (Mr. Porter Remix)


Two years ago, I found this awesome free mixtape/mini-album of Mr. Porter redoing Robert Glasper tracks and fell in love with it. After that, I started digging around for anything that I could find with Mr. Porter involved. While I regret some discoveries (like him doing the beat for 50 Cent’s “P.I.M.P.”), finding this Record Store Day-only release was not one of them. Pretty similar to the original but the edition of Pharoahe’s verse just adds the perfect amount of icing.

8) Kissey Asplund – Move Me (2012)


This one is interesting because of all records on here, this is the one I know absolutely nothing about. Largely because a fellow DJ friend gave it to me after me and another DJ played furious game of “rock, scissors, paper” to win it. Just a good piece of modern, mellow, soul, really.

9) Leon Ware – Slipping Away (1982)


If you’re all sleeping on Leon Ware, you’re totally missing out. The first track from his sought-after, self-titled 1982 release, even though it doesn’t fit the mix perfectly, I just really like this song. Sometimes, songs being on a mix can be as arbitrary as that. Speaking of which…

10) Betty Ford Boys – Papa Was A (Junkie), Too (2013)

Betty Ford Boys return again. In all the takes of this mix that I did, this song was never going to be on it. Yet, like catching the holy ghost, something possessed me during the final take to throw it in. It’s a cool track and the sample of the “parents who use drugs, have children who use drugs.” PSA never gets old for me.

11) Shalamar – This Is For The Lover In You (1980)


This song, however was on the mix from the get-go. Simply put, just one of my all time favorite love songs. And to think I was sleeping on Shalamar. Let this be a lesson to you people: If you see a trio of singers riding on the backs of dolphins, you buy the album!

12) Janet Jackson – Got Til It’s Gone (Jay Dee Remix) (1993?)


First off, no, I am not a fan of Janet Jackson. I am a big fan of J Dilla/Jay Dee/James Yancey. Unfortunately, I believe this compilation series is all bootleg/unofficial but it was so hard to resist since a lot of these remixes are hard to come by.

13) Homicide McBride – Listen (2012)


Remember that rule about not reusing songs on previous mixes? Yep broke that one. To be fair it was on an unofficial, spur of the moment mix that I did, so I never really counted it as being “used”, per say. That being said, I have had this record for awhile but wasn’t until recently that this track really stood out for me. Never say no to edits. You never know what goodies you’ll find.

14) Lord Echo – Bohemian Idol (2014)


The almighty Lord Echo finds their way onto another mix. Again, when I was originally hoping to have this mix done last year, it was largely to time out with the release of their second album. That, as you can see, never happened but better late than never. Definitely one of the standouts on their second album.

15) DJ Cam – Bounce (Club Mix Edit) (2002)


Not much to say here other than I thought the beat fit really well with the Lord Echo. You be the judge of that.

16) Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long (1983) 17) Keni Burke – Rising To The Top (1982)

IMG_1183 IMG_1184

Tell me these songs don’t have eerily similar bass lines?

18) Jay Dee – Think Twice (2001)


Whooooo! Been waiting for awhile to pick this one up. Off the surprisingly undermentioned Welcome 2 Detroit album, which I am only now getting accustomed to, it was definitely the song that helped move the direction of the last third of the mix that I wanted it to go. It also happens to be a cover of a great Donald Byrd song as well.

19) Suff Daddy – P.G.O.B. Ft. Miles Bonny (2010)


Another last minute edition. The last third of the mix was the one thing that took the longest part to construct so when it started moving in the mellow, neo-soul motif, I knew I had to include this.

20) Kissey Asplund – 99 Bottles (2012)


The flip side to the previously mention, I-Don’t-Know-A-Thing-About-This record.

21) Mitsu The Beats – Right Here Ft. Dwele (2003)


Mitsu The Beats is a phenomenal Japanese DJ and producer. Though I’ve been holding on this record for a minute, this record has always been a stand out in my collection for two reasons: 1) It put Dwele on my radar. 2)  It furthered my interest in Neo-Soul. Hopefully it’ll have the same effect on you.

22) Slum Village – Yes, Yes (Remix)


A Slum Village outtake I believe, this one again was trying to worm it’s way onto a mix for awhile. But due to it’s odd production-style, it took a lot of trial and error to find a spot to place it. I think this turned out rather well honestly.

23) D’Angelo & The Vanguard – Really Love (2014)


Closing my mix out with probably my favorite track from the stellar D’Angelo Black Messiah album. If you haven’t listened this album yet, you’re really only hurting yourself at this point.

Phew, that got longer than I expected. Hopefully that added a little bit of insight into the DJ mix making from my perspective. What did you think? Did you like it? Hate it? Did you read it? Leave me comment so I know what you guys are thinking.

Until the next post, thanks again for the continued support!


1) Black Fur – When We Get Together Soon

2) A Taste of Honey – Let’s Begin

3) Family Connection – This Time

4) Betty Ford Boys – Snow Soul

5) Curtis Mayfield – Hard Times

6) Darando – I Don’t Want To Leave (Tall Black Guy)

7) Robert Glasper Experiment – Calls ft. Jill Scott Pharoahe Monch (Mr. Porter Remix)

8) Kissey Asplund – Move Me

9) Leon Ware – Slipping Away

10) Betty Ford Boys – Papa Was A (Junkie), Too

11) Shalamar – This Is For The Lover In You

12) Janet Jackson – Got Til It’s Gone (Jay Dee Remix)

13) Homicide McBride – Listen

14) Lord Echo – Bohemian Idol

15) DJ Cam – Bounce (Club Mix Edit)

16) Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long

17) Keni Burke – Rising To The Top

18) Jay Dee – Think Twice

19) Suff Daddy – P.G.O.B.

20) Kissey Asplund – 99 Bottles

21) Mitsu The Beats – Right Ft. Dwele

22) Slum Village Yes, Yes (Remix0

23) D’Angelo & The Vanguard – Really Love


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