PLAYING FAVORITES: Don Downing – Doctor Boogie


As I mentioned in my Clarence Reid post, some records just emminate a feeling that says, “This has exactly what you’re looking for!”. This little 45 goodie, no pun intended, has exactly what the doctor ordered: Funky, shuffle drums (always a favorite of mine), searing strings and horns, and Downing comparing love to friend chicken. This doctor is indeed qualified.

Quick story: I was digging for 45s while on vacation in Chicago and found this little slice of soul perfection and bought it on a whim for 50 cents without knowing a single thing about it. Turns out; it’s quite a sought after 45. After I got back to Japan, I showed it to one of my record collecting friends and nearly passed out when I told him how cheap I got it for. Apparently, it goes for about 3,500 yen (about 30 bucks or so).

Small victories, I guess…


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