PLAYING FAVORITES: Clarence Reid – Ms. Hot Stuff (1971)


I’m gonna keep this one quick today…

If you talk to any DJ/record collector, they’ll tell you you begin to develop a 6th sense when it comes to buying stuff that you have no idea what’s on it. Case in point: this little funky 45 gold nugget. Something about the label when I first saw it, just oozed funk. The green label, the lettering, the name, all of it screamed FUNK even though I had no idea what was on it. And sure enough, I was right! So within seconds of listening to it, I immediately recognised the sample (it was from Edan’s super-underrated, psychedelic hip-hop masterpiece, Funky Voltron) and knew that I needed to buy this record.

The song begins with a quick blast of queazy horns before Clarence Reid (probably better known as the sleazy, X-rated funk singer/songwriter, Blowfly) and his group of background singers scream the track’s title. What follows is some of the sloppiest, greasiest, funk that is so indicative of southern funk and soul. Clarence Reid belts about all of his favorite women around the US, all while his session musicians punctuate the space that he leaves in-between catcalls. Hard drums and messy guitar, bass and horns bring it all together for some tasty, funk goodness. Definitely a personal favorite of mine.


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